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Join MindBody Monthly for daily breathwork and 4 LIVE online sessions*

Membership is on auto renewal and you may choose to cancel at any time.

*Expand Sessions:

These sessions are all about expansion and strength in your personal resolve. How can you feel confident, courageous, carefree, and expansive if you are not breathing this way? Every breath in is an action to take life into your being and to let go of past experiences. It is our gateway into the present moment and the impetus to healthy living.

• Your brain uses about 20% of the oxygen in your body. 

• It is possible to breathe in such a way that you over oxygenate your blood causing a rusting effect to occur. 

• Keeping proper carbon dioxide pressure helps utilize the oxygen properly.

• Exhaling efficiently helps eliminate 70% of the toxins in your body. 

Although breathing can be perceived as a simple function it has a profound impact on self-regulation. During these sessions, we take a closer look at the complexity of this function on your MindBody connection. We will dive into anatomy, physiology, and breath practices designed to enhance every aspect of our nature.


*Peace Sessions:

Peace is your moment to deepen into the mind and breath connection. 

This 30 minutes will be a special moment in your month. Set yourself up to be relaxed and comfortable so you can allow your mind to soften into the breath. As you close your eyes and journey into your inner world you will be guided into your most peaceful state within.


*Transform Sessions: 

These sessions are filled with big energy and intense activation. Using a focused connected breathing pattern for an extended period of time has the potential to unlock habitual patterns held in the subconscious.

During this session, we will be interrupting the perceptions formed by the subconscious mind in order to “keep you safe”. The breath is used to access the autonomic nervous system in a way that is ‘unknown to it’. Once we have entered this ‘unknown’ in our neurological system we continue to empower the breath (our life force) to transform the messaging in every active cell in the body. Through music, affirmations, connected breath, and conscious direction we change the past scripts within our subconscious mind into scripts of unlimited potential. These sessions offer an opportunity to heal an overwhelmed, afraid, confused, and insecure MindBody connection. They can also be used as portals into untapped resources within. 


*Connect Sessions:

Clear away noise, stressful reactions, and built-up tension with this Connect practice. You will be guided through mental imagery, physical movements, breath opening techniques, and personal reflection with the intention to connect deeply to your intuition and wisdom.